Our games

Armistice Arcane

The Armistice Arcane is a blockbuster LARP that provides not just a game, but an experience. We are all-inclusive, which means we provide all players with a weekend of immersion with all lodging and food included. We also provide a number of items, depending on which package you purchase, to enhance your in-game and out-of-game fun. The event is being held at the Le Pavillon Hotel in New Orleans — a Victorian Era luxury hotel with spacious, well-equipped rooms, thematic decorations, delicious catering, and a beautiful view of both downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter. Considered one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans, it might also provide you with even more of a magical experience than we could expect! Read more about Armistice Arcane here!

Project Ascenion

It’s not too long from now. We’ve taken the next steps: we put that chip in your head to make you smarter, that plug in your stomach to make you thin, and the drugs in your system to keep you going. People are becoming more than human. And nothing’s getting any better. Learn more about Project Ascension.

A More Perfect World

This larp is a deeply personal and emotional experience set in a world “adjacent” to our own where the characters are refugees from a country where they have long suffered under the yoke of fascism and have struggled to make meaning of their lives. 

This is a science fiction larp in the sense that this world has had scientific and technological breakthroughs that we have not yet had (that we know of). But this larp is less about the science and more about the fiction, with a greater focus on relationships, trauma, and the persistence (or lack thereof) of memory in how we create identities for ourselves. Read more about A More Perfect World.