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Ticket Prices

Ticket to the event: 500 (plus taxes and processing fees)

With 50 ticket sales, we will also be able to offer five (5) free scholarship tickets.

Every ticket comes with the following benefits:

  • Three days of roleplay
  • Three nights at the Gooding Inn
  • Charter bus from the Boise Airport to and from the site
  • Costume
  • All meals during the event (View Menu)
  • 24/7 Snacks
  • Goody bag with souvenirs
  • Fully staffed player care room
  • Access to experienced facilitators

Application and Payment Process

Because of the small number of tickets that will be available, the mature and difficult nature of this experience, and our desire to have a diverse group of attendees, it will be necessary for you to first fill out an application for a ticket.  Once we close the date for applications, we will look at all surveys/applications, and then proceed with casting. We will then inform everyone who has gotten a ticket, and send out an invoice.  We do not guarantee that everyone will have the option to purchase a ticket,  but not receiving a ticket does not indicate that you will not get a ticket in future runs, nor does it indicate our lack of trust in you or desire to have you involved.  We want to cast this event in the best way to meet our above needs.

  • November 30th — Last day to accept applications
  • January 1st — Announcement of the participants
  • March 1st — First payment due
  • May 1st — Second payment due
  • July 1st — Final payment due

Costume Guide

Part of the experience of this event are color-coded scrubs that will be provided for you as a part of your ticket price.  We have included a sizing chart from the company we will be ordering from on the player application, but we highly suggest that you order them to be a bit large.  The site is in Idaho, and it will be November, so we believe you will want to wear warm, long-sleeve undergarments beneath the scrubs.

Any visible underclothes (long t-shirts, long johns, etc.) must be in shades of white or gray.

Refund Policy

We will refund your ticket (except for the taxes and processing fees) until up to sixty (60) days before the event, provided that we resell your ticket to someone on the waiting list.  After that date, we will still attempt to provide a refund, but we cannot guarantee the refund because we cannot guarantee that we can resell the ticket.  Within thirty (30) days of the event, no refunds will be offered. 

Site Information

The event will be held at the Gooding University Inn & Resort in Gooding, Idaho (website link:

Meet-Up and Transportation

All attendees are required to meet in Boise, Idaho, on Thursday afternoon.  The first workshop of the event will take place on the bus from Boise to Gooding, so please plan to be there in plenty of time to catch the bus.  Once the bus leaves, if you are not on it, you will be responsible for your own transportation, and you may be late going into the game since we will have to do a separate workshop just for you.

Budget and Expenses

The following pie chart lists the planned expenses for the event, to better provide transparency to the community about where your ticket money will be spent.