Things to Know


The year is 1897 and every group has received an invitation to send its most prominent and important members to a diplomatic summit where new and revised agreements can be created to bring the groups together in solidarity against outside threats. There will be discussions, but there will also be a banquet and a ball, to hopefully celebrate the newly formed alliance. The hosts of this gathering are the newest magical society in existence – the Esoteric Institute of Louisiana. They are currently unaligned with any other particular group, and many of the other organizations have been courting their technology-focused magicians in attempts to increase the power of their own factions.


Each player will receive a character from one of the following 8 factions, which they will receive well ahead of the game.

  • The Esoteric Institute of Louisiana
  • The Theosophical Society of New England
  • The White Horse Adventurers Club
  • Uncle Theo’s Cirque du Freak
  • The Order of Cernunnos
  • The Beacon Hill Players
  • The Sentinels
  • The Eclipsed
  • Atlantean Accord
  • The Delphians

Learn more about the factions on the Armistice Arcane website.

Themes of the Game

The Armistice Arcane is a game of intrigue, high politics, gothic horror, and magic. We explore themes that are both light and dark in nature – friendship, alliance, working with our enemies, diplomacy, paranoia, fear, and anger. Many of these characters are outcasts from society, and some of them have lost everything they love. We also look at the nature of good and evil and ask questions about what truly makes a person a monster. This is not a game for children or for those who are easily disturbed by exploration of any of the above. The Armistice Arcane aims to see what happens when we push the limits of “acceptability” set forth by society, and what happens when our actions come back to haunt us.