Accessibility and Accommodations

Accessibility and Accommodations for the Armistice Arcane

The La Pavillon is an accessible site and all floors are able to be reached via elevator. It also offers a limited number of ADA accessible rooms. If you feel you might be in need of special accommodations, please inform us as soon as you can either in the player survey or by emailing us at We wish to ensure that we can meet your needs to the best of our ability and will inform you of any issues with the site or the game construction that cannot be altered well before your arrival.

General Accessibility Statement

Peculiar Crossroads Productions LLC aims to make all of its games as accessible as possible to the greatest number of people. To this end, we will always, to the extent possible, schedule our events in places with full accessibility and, in the case we do not provide accommodations, to ensure that there are local hotels that do provide ADA accessible rooms.